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iLinux OS Minimum Install Requirements


iLinux OS 2 "Galaxia" 64 Bit AMD Intel


64 Bit AMD/Intel Computer (Intel Pentium 4, Intel Celeron, Intel Atom or AMD Processor.)

1.5 GB RAM

64 GB Hard Disk (Internal or External) or Fast Memory Card or Fast USB Stick*

*Some USB Sticks have Hardware Level Encryption or Custom Hardware Settings from their Manufacturer and thus will not be able to Startup from iLinux OS or any other Operating System.

In USB Sticks Read/Write Speed varies. NOT ALL USB STICKS HAVE THE SAME READ/WRITE SPEED. Research thoroughly before buying and choose one with High Read/Write Speed.

We have thoroughly tested and recommend the following USB Sticks but you can use whatever you feel appropriate:

Sandisk Extreme Series

Sandisk Extreme Pro Series

Sandisk Ultra Flair Series

iLinux OS IRP (Install, Recovery & Private Mode) 64/32 Bit AMD Intel


64 Bit or 32 Bit AMD/Intel Computer (Intel Pentium, Intel Celeron, Intel Atom or AMD Processor.)

512 MB RAM

Write it on DVD

iLinux OS IRP is EMBEDDED in iLinux OS and you can select it at Computer Startup, but you can also use it separately on DVD to Startup your Computer (Windows - Mac - Linux) for Data Recovery or Private Operation or to Install iLinux OS.

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